The leading team
Prof. Dipl. Ing. Ulrike Pröbstl-Haider leads the working group for land use planning since 1988. She is professor for landscape development, recreation and tourism at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna since 2003. After studying landscape planning at the Technical University of Munich-Weihenstephan, she received her doctorate at the forestry faculty of the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich in 1988 and her habilitation at the Technical University of Munich in 2000. Ulrike Pröbstl-Haider is a member of the Bavarian Chamber of Architects as a city planner and landscape architect.

In 2018 she was appointed to the Advisory Board for Sport and Environment of the Federal Ministry for the Environment and Nuclear Safety and is a member of numerous national and international associations in the fields of urban planning, landscape planning, tourism and social science and forest research.
Since 2012 Dr. Pröbstl-Haider is editor in chief of the international Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, published by Elsevier. She is the author of numerous books and publications in the field of environment and nature conservation in urban development planning, recreational planning and sustainable tourism development.

Ms. Dipl. Ing. Maja Niemeyer has been working as a city planner and landscape planner in the working group for land use planning since 2002. She studied landscape architecture at the Technical University in Dresden. Her professional work focuses on land-use planning for municipalities and environmental planning, especially for outdoor recreational projects, gravel mining and compensation concepts in the forest.

Ms. Dipl. Ing. (FH) Belinda Reiser works for the Working Group for Land Use Planning as an urban and landscape planner since 2005. She studied landscape architecture specializing in landscape planning at the Weihenstephan University of Applied Sciences and is since many years member of the Bavarian Chamber of Architects. Her professional interest is on land-use planning for municipalities and the planning of tourism development and facilities for outdoor recreation, especially in the mountain area. In her home office you can reach Ms. Reiser on the following telephone number: ++ 49 (0) 151-17 47 82 53 and e-mail address:

The cooperation with biologists (freelance workers) makes it possible to obtain expert reports on all species groups at short notice, for example to ensure compatibility with European species protection law.
Through regular cooperation with specialists (such as emission, civil engineering) and lawyers, we have a network for the rapid implementation of planning orders.
All planning is carried out in new CAD or GIS programs.
We work regularly with planning offices and research institutions in Germany, Austria and Italy.
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